12:24 | March 6. 2019

Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain

8X2A5262 Web 1 - Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain
8X2A5604 Web - Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain

Good Morning all, I thought I'd give you a quick update as its been a while since I've posted here.

These photos were taken at Conil de la Frontera in Spain, as Josh and I made our way along the coast towards the Ferry Port. We are slowly making our way to Morroco which is very very exciting. We needed some downtime on the beach as we had been busy preparing our route and all the sites we want to see along the way. Applying for tickets, new insurances and preparing our required documents for the van. Stocking up on supplies, planning extended visas for our 3month overstay and sending a box back to France, so we have a little more room play within the van. The list has been endless but we know this is going to be a trip of a lifetime in a country we've wanted to visit for so long.

Morocco is a country rich in history, tradition and culture, authentic food, Architecture and of course the welcoming hospitality of the locals.

Look forward to updating the blog with our new adventures.

Love, K xx



15:00 | February 10. 2019

How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal

8X2A3407 Web - How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal
8X2A3402 Web - How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal
Final Edit Bengal Web - How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal
8X2A3649 Web 2 - How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal
8X2A3483 Web 1 - How to Visit the Benagil Caves | Portugal
Good Morning Loves. How are you all on this Sunday afternoon? I got soo many messages and comments about my recent Instagram post of our visit to Bengali Caves. It was also reposted on some of the Portugal Tourism boards which promote areas of Portugal and particularly the Algarve area. I was pretty shocked to wake up to a combined total of over 6000 likes on the photo and stream of messages. I have had a lot of people asking me how we managed to visit the cave on our own and without lots of tourists. So, I thought it would only be fair to share some tips on how to get there, what you can do, and how to enjoy this beautiful Sea cave in its true beauty. Benagil is a small fishing village on the south coast of the Algarve. It is mainly famous for the Algar de Benagil Caves, the surrounding beaches and coastal walks along the Atlantic ocean. There is so much to explore by climbing the caves from up above or to simply relax at one of the stunning beaches during your visit. Benagil cave is located next to Praia de Benagil (Benagil Beach), between Portimao, Albufeira, and Lagoa. 

Options of getting to the Cave

Swimming to the Caves | Price – Free
The best time to swim in the caves is between 7am10am before the boat tours start arriving. ( You cannot swim to the caves after this time due to safety reasons). Please check with the locals before doing so and view the red & green traffic system on the beach for safety). I would only recommend this if you are a strong sea swimmer as the currents are extremely strong, although the swim is only 100 meters long.

Stand up Paddle Board (SUP)| Price – 30 Euro Per Person
We rented these from the main beach at Praia de Benagil. You can rent the boards and paddle for 30 Euros at a duration of 1 hour. Josh and I shared a double paddle board for half the price ( 30 Euros for 2 persons). We also took a dry bag to store our DSLR and to be able to get the photography shots

Boat Trips | Prices – Various Per Location
You can board boats directly from Praia de Benagil. The trips are very popular during the summer months and you may find yourself waiting for a very long time or at worst boats being sold out. ( Please arrive early or book online to avoid disappointment). As a second option, you are able to board boats using a variety of different boat companies from at the following locations. Armação de Pêra, Lago and Carvoeiro. This would make it easier and to avoid disappointment.

Viewing the cave from above | Price – Free

If you are someone who is tight on a budget and unable to swim directly to the cave, the next best option is to view the caves from up above. You can explore the area on foot by climbing the rocks above Bengali caves and view directly down into the hole. This gives you more of an advantage as you can explore the coastal paths and view other small caves on Route. As well as this you can discover hidden beaches and have views of the Atlantic ocean.

Tip – It’s also a great place to watch the sunset.

If any of you have any further question please don’t hesitate to write them in the comments below and I’ll try to help.

Speak Soon Love, K xxx

19:00 | February 3. 2019

Porto Covo – Alentejo, Portugal

8X2A1311 Web - Porto Covo - Alentejo, Portugal
8X2A1385 Web - Porto Covo - Alentejo, Portugal

Hey Loves. I've missed updating my blog and you guys of my travel journey. A lot has been happening and if I'm being honest, we have been planning our next travel destinations, focussing on fitness and health and worrying about the possible Brexit implications to our van life journey.

As you all know it can be difficult for me to update my blog daily as I am solely relying on the solar panels on our van for electricity. Which makes editing photography and updating posts much more difficult. Especially in the cooler months when there is less sun to top up the charge. So... I  just want to say big thanks to those of you who follow me and have messaged me to say they are patiently waiting for my next posts. Thank you for understanding 🙂

So...Here are some photos of our time in Porto Covo in Portugal. It's a small pretty village with a wide stretch of golden sand backed by high cliffs.
There are many beaches where you can explore in this area as well as surfing or simply relax with the views of the Atlantic coast. Josh and I explored the area by bike and witnessed the different rock formations and hidden beaches in this area. The weather was pretty cool but on the plus side, it meant we could explore the area by ourselves without a crowd of tourists. Such a great experience even if it was a bit chilly.

We need to appreciate these moments whilst we can take in all aspects of the beauty. I would suggest heading here either side of the holiday season, to truly enjoy this paradise

See you in the next post.

Love K xx

13:10 | January 17. 2019

Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach | Portugal

8X2A1459 - Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach | Portugal
Edit removed sand - Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach | Portugal
DJI 0177 Web - Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach | Portugal

Good Afternoon Loves. I thought I would share some photos of our time in Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach. I drove the VW and found us a new spot with the perfect beach view ( Josh normally likes to take control the driving, but I decided to take rain of the controls today. ;-)) We pretty much relaxed here and enjoyed the views of the beach from the van. Later on, we took our bikes out for a spin around the village and around the other side of the beach. Hidden around the corner where some of our vanlifer friends from Germany. It was nice to catch up with them and we arrange to meet back up with them in the future. In the morning we made Smoothie bowls filled with Banana, papaya, porridge oats, goji berries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and desiccated Smoothie.  We ate them right on the beach and after we got in some cardio exercise to.

The drone shot gives a better perspective of the beautiful beach we visited.

Speak Soon

Love K xxx

7:30 | January 13. 2019

The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal

8X2A2560 Web - The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal
8X2A2593 - The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal
8X2A2630 Web - The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal
8X2A2546 Web - The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal
8X2A2401 Web - The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal

Morning All. How have you all been? Joshua and I are currently in Lagos whilst I am writing this and we are currently planning our future travels for 2019. We are torn between two places but I won't give away to much just yet, as I want to take you along the journey through my photography.

After new years, we started our journey in the southwest corner of Portugal in Sagres. This is a wonderful place to visit with stunning views of the ocean and a chance to explore the area by the coastal walk. We rode our bicycles along and stopped at a lovely beach bar for lunch. This area isn't overly busy so if you like calm and peace this is the perfect place for you to unwind. This place was originally known as the end of the world because the Europeans thought it existed before the 15th Century. For thousands of years, it was believed that this was the end of the world and just beyond the horizon the earth dropped off into a black hole.

For our camp spot, Joshua and I found a place through the App park 4-night app however, this place was overly crowded and was full of campervans, RVs and trailers. This wasn't exactly how we imagined spending our time here, so we decided to do a bit more exploring to find the perfect spot. After cycling through the day we found a place just 5-minute drive from where we were parked. The views were incredible and we had this amazing view of the ocean. We got to watch a handful of fisherman hanging off the cliff face trying to catch some fish and in the ocean was some surfers trying to catch the next wave.

Joshua made a small fire and cooked sweet potatoes to go along with our mango and avocado salad. I made and a homemade vegan sauce using some cashews, oat milk and herbs to go alongside. We ended up staying here for x2 nights as it was just so magical.

We both feel so lucky to be able to experience these moments like this together

Location: - Sagres, The End of the world

Note: -I won't give the exact location to avoid ruining the beauty of this place and becoming overcrowded. If you really want to find this spot, you can do some research and you will find some clue through my photos.

7:00 | January 12. 2019

Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve

8X2A1631 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1627 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1695 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1622 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1733 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1702 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1677 Web 2 - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1658 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1662 Web - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve
8X2A1731 Web 1 - Barão de São João | The best Hippie Market in the Algarve

*** Update - This market is no longer running in  Portugal***

Barão de São João is a hippie market-based in the Algarve of Portugal and runs every last Sunday of every month. It is one of the most energetic, colourful, vibrant and loving markets I have ever been too and the memories of this place will stay with me forever.

The market is situated in the small village and unites groups of mainly vandwellers who escaped 'normal' society. They collectively meet here to share their handcrafted goods amongst the laughs, smiles and love. The market is international and we met people from all different walks of life from Israel, France, Germany, UK and Portugal to name a few. We even bumped into a lot of other vandwellers we met along our journey and it was as though the community had gathered here altogether, to enjoy this incredible event.

The market is run by vandwellers who can pitch and sell their items for free and is open to anyone who wants to have a go at selling their pieces or share their unique talent. Some people do this for a living either full time or part time, to provide an income whilst travelling on the road. One lady was selling her services as a hairdresser and she had a long queue outside her van which was lovely too see. Another gentlemen were selling on the spot poetry from his typewriter and would share individual poems to the receiver and read the heartwarming poems aloud in front of the crowds.

What can you find at the market?

- An array of Plant-based, vegetarian & Vegan Dishes
- Hand Crafted Jewellery made from Silver, Gold Oak and Wood Cork to name a few 
- Artists providing heartwarming performances and unique entertainment 
- Organic Fruit & Vegetables
- Lots of love and heart hugs from everyone 😀
- People playing instruments from the foot of their vans
- Unique and creative vans and vandwellers 
- Areas for children to get creative and bond 
- Paintings & Personalised handcrafts
- Services such as haircuts & Tattoos Poetry
- Alternative medicines such as Herbs & CBD oil
- Dancing around the Campfires and good singalong.

Location of the Market 

Date: Every 4th Sunday of every month.

Address: Sports area, Recinto do Polidesportivo, Barão de São João

8:00 | December 29. 2018

BARMAR – Praia da Figueirinha

8X2A0916 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0913 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0937 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0968 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha

Good Morning Guys. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to bring in the new year. We certainly are and can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for us 🙂

After spending time at Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida, we took a stop at Praia da Figueirinha in the district of Setubal. We had done so much exploring via bike and walking, it was nice to find a quiet spot to park the campervan and enjoy the simple and relaxing surroundings. We don't normally head to bars as we are not big drinkers however, we found this lovely spot at Bar Mar which is a beach lounge with views of the clear white sand and a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The beach lounge provides a range of different Medieterian food but is also a great place to have some beers, wines, or cocktails. Josh ordered a Mojito and I ordered the Brazilian caipirinha at only 4 Euros each. We loved them so much that we decided to treat ourselves to another whilst watching the sunset. We headed to bed and listened to the waves of the ocean before falling asleep together.

The next morning I woke Josh up for the sunrise and we watched the fisherman go out to sea. We were the only ones up to watch the incredible colours of the sky, whilst the fisherman set out before shortly making our journey to the next spot.

Location - Praia da Figueirinha, Setúbal

Openings Times - 8am - 11pm

Wesbite - http://restaurantebarmar.com

"It's important to slow down and enjoy life"

Talk Soon. Love K x

13:42 | December 22. 2018

Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach – Portugal

DJI 0031 Web 2 - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal
DJI 0034 Web - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal

Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas period. Most of you will have either had broken up for Christmas or have a few days to go before the holiday season begins for you. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Portugal at all. The weather has been 20 degrees and we have been enjoying the sunshine. Josh decided to fly the Drone on Praia Da Aberta Nova beach and we had a lot of fun taking drone photography over this beautiful place. This beach was so surreal and the waves were huge. We could feel the vibration of the waves through our campervan during the night when the waves were crashing on the ground surface. It was something we had never experienced before.
We met another group of vanlifers who were also parking in the same spot from different parts of the world. As a group, we enjoyed some great moments enjoying Vegan Cake whilst watching some of the guy's surf in the daytime. In the evening, we enjoyed food together and shared stories amongst each other around the fire. It's always great meeting up with like-minded travellers were we can share our experiences collectively.

Today we will be travelling through to Barão de São João which holds a Hippie/Flea Market every 4th Sunday of each month. We are both excited to see what is on sale from all the different Food & Craft stands.

Look forward to sharing our experience in a future Blog Post.

Speak Soon Love K xx