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8:00 | December 29. 2018

BARMAR – Praia da Figueirinha

8X2A0916 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0913 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0937 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha
8X2A0968 Web - BARMAR - Praia da Figueirinha

Good Morning Guys. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to bring in the new year. We certainly are and can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for us 🙂

After spending time at Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida, we took a stop at Praia da Figueirinha in the district of Setubal. We had done so much exploring via bike and walking, it was nice to find a quiet spot to park the campervan and enjoy the simple and relaxing surroundings. We don't normally head to bars as we are not big drinkers however, we found this lovely spot at Bar Mar which is a beach lounge with views of the clear white sand and a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The beach lounge provides a range of different Medieterian food but is also a great place to have some beers, wines, or cocktails. Josh ordered a Mojito and I ordered the Brazilian caipirinha at only 4 Euros each. We loved them so much that we decided to treat ourselves to another whilst watching the sunset. We headed to bed and listened to the waves of the ocean before falling asleep together.

The next morning I woke Josh up for the sunrise and we watched the fisherman go out to sea. We were the only ones up to watch the incredible colours of the sky, whilst the fisherman set out before shortly making our journey to the next spot.

Location - Praia da Figueirinha, Setúbal

Openings Times - 8am - 11pm

Wesbite -

"It's important to slow down and enjoy life"

Talk Soon. Love K x

13:42 | December 22. 2018

Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach – Portugal

DJI 0031 Web 2 - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal
DJI 0034 Web - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal

Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas period. Most of you will have either had broken up for Christmas or have a few days to go before the holiday season begins for you. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Portugal at all. The weather has been 20 degrees and we have been enjoying the sunshine. Josh decided to fly the Drone on Praia Da Aberta Nova beach and we had a lot of fun taking drone photography over this beautiful place. This beach was so surreal and the waves were huge. We could feel the vibration of the waves through our campervan during the night when the waves were crashing on the ground surface. It was something we had never experienced before.
We met another group of vanlifers who were also parking in the same spot from different parts of the world. As a group, we enjoyed some great moments enjoying Vegan Cake whilst watching some of the guy's surf in the daytime. In the evening, we enjoyed food together and shared stories amongst each other around the fire. It's always great meeting up with like-minded travellers were we can share our experiences collectively.

Today we will be travelling through to Barão de São João which holds a Hippie/Flea Market every 4th Sunday of each month. We are both excited to see what is on sale from all the different Food & Craft stands.

Look forward to sharing our experience in a future Blog Post.

Speak Soon Love K xx

10:30 | December 20. 2018

Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida

8X2A0260 Web - Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida
8X2A0173 Web - Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida

After riding through the beautiful hilltops we took a stop on Creiro Beach. We secured our bikes and explored the beautiful island 

8X2A0301 Web - Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida
8X2A0435 Web - Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida

Good Mornings Loves ... How are you All? During this day we cycled through Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. The views and scenery were amazing and cycling through the dark deep green hills were just magical. As it was December there was virtually no tourists so it felt as though you had your own private beach at times. The weather was great but just a little too cold to get in a bikini, but whos complaining when you can still enjoy in shorts and a t-shirt.

Portinho beach has been named one of the prettiest beaches in Portugal and is known as a place where you can just relax and unwind. The white sand compliments the blue clear water and contrasts nicely with the creamy rocks. Perfect place to get those lovely holidays snaps and watch the sunset go down. This is also a great place for diving and dolphin watching as well as exploring by bike or simply walking. There are a few restaurants where you can have the local catch of the day or you can choose to have a simple lunch at one of the snack bars  depending on your preference. This has been one of my favourite places so far and we have already decided that we will come back here next year so we can go dolphin watching. 

I would definitely recommend this place, as its small hidden paradise.

Speak Soon

Love K xx 

17:32 | December 13. 2018

Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets

8X2A9726 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
8X2A9817 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
8X2A9818 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
8X2A9783 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
8X2A9775 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
IMG 1007 Web 1 - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
IMG 1008 Web 1 - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
IMG 1010 Web - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets
IMG 1009 Web 1 - Caldas Da Rainha -Fresh Organic Markets

Hello Guys. Its been a very very long time since I've posted on here. I guess Joshua and I have been having way too much fun in Portugal and sometimes we feel its just as important to enjoy the moment. We have met so many people in the last month who are also travelling in different types of vans and as well as a great group of young aspiring artists here in Caldas Da Rainha, who we can now gladly call good friends. So hopefully that explains why I have been off the radar.

We have found since living on the road that buying local produce is very important. Not only does it support local businesses but you can also find a huge variety of organic and fresh produce. Its way cheaper than the U.K and you can find a lot of different Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Nuts and traditional Portuguese delicates. In Caldas, the markets are held in the Republic Square which starts at around 6 am and finishes around 12 - 1 pm each day. It is a very colourful and full of friendly locals and it gives you a chance to practice your Portuguese language skills.

Lastly, there is a craft fair which is held around once a month. Unfortunately, there is no clear date of when these are open but you can easily spot advertisements along the streets or ask a local as many speak English. Usually, they start around midday and run late in the evening. They sell different types of crafts such as Macrame, Organic Herbs and Dried Fruits, Pastries and many Arts and Crafts. There was traditional Portuguese music and performance whilst we were there but we are unsure if this is held each month. Even so, you can try a coffee at the artistic cafe for only 90 cents and have a walk around the beautiful park.

Food Market 

Location - Praça da República 2500 - Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal

Opening time - Daily 6 am - 1 pm

Craft / Food Market 

Location -R. de Camões 37, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Opening times - Around 12- 8 pm / Park Opens 7am - 10pm

Tip- Make sure you have enough change and avoid paying with large notes as this can be very inconvenient for the sellers.

Speak soon

Love K x







17:35 | November 12. 2018

15 Vanlife Essentials – Top items you will need

8X2A5736 Web 1 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

I've put together a list of items that I could not live withoutwhilst living on the road in our VW Campervan. I had previously backpacked for a number of years before deciding to live life on the road and full-time in the van. The only worry I had back then was packing minimal clothes, toiletries, passports/documents and deciding on which hostels or beach house I was rocking up to next.Vanlife is completely different in so many ways and has so many positives aspects. Having the freedom to move and travel to pretty almost anywhere is a great feeling. Not having to worry about costly accommodation fees, or being forced out for a 9 am checkout by hotel staff, its like a dream come true. But it helps to be well prepared for the journey ahead in a campervan, especially when you are going off the beaten track and you may not be in reach of key items you need, in the new country your exploring. It can also be very easy to get carried away by buying unwanted items and you will then soon notice that the storage space starts to fills up pretty quickly. We already have a few items that we don't use at all but it's all about trial and error and finding out what works and what doesn't work for you while on the road

This is why I have put together my Top 15 items which I have found to have made our vanlife journey a whole lot better and hopefully it can help you too. 


q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B074STNQ5G&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need1 )- This was one of our first purchases we made and I'm so glad we did as we have such a good night sleep with this materess topper. Its made from Hydro Foam and cooling gel and is naturally hypoallergenic so perfect for people with allergies. The cover is also removable and easy to wash and drys very quickly. Having a comfortable sleeping surface is really important to being happy and healthy while living in a vanir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B074STNQ5G - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B074STNQ5G - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need


ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B074STNQ5G - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

2 ) Bottle Jack - We had to change our tyres during our first month of travelling as they were quite old and had not been q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B003SMIZ36&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needchanged by the previous owner. We noticed a crack and Josh immediately change it, as this could have exploded on the motorway. With this car jack at hand, Josh was able to easily change this and it meant it didn't disrupt our journey. (Make sure to check your weight capacity and load before purchasing this.)

ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B003SMIZ36 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need


3 ) Portable Universal Powerbank- Ensuring you have enough charge for your q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B00XVTJKCQ&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needphones and devices is important, especially when we use them to navigate our way using offline maps whilst hiking or to google search for that perfect camping spot. There's nothing worse than running out of power on the road, but this power bank ables us to charge our phones 7 times over and has x 2 ports so we can both charge simultaneously. It even has a flashlight built-in. Bonus!




 4) Download Apps like Campercontact & Park 4 Night they are great for finding paid and un-paid campsites and you can customize your preferences to suit your needs. Whether it be showers, Wifi, laundry service etc. We haven't paid for a single campsite since we've been on the road and we have even found ones with free electricity on park 4 night.246x0w 2 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need246x0w - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need



5 ) 250W Solar Panels - This has been a godsend and not sure what we would have done without it. We have a the q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B01N5KPR56&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needPhotonic Universe 250W Semi-flexible solar panel which charges to 100% in 5 Hours. We were lucky in the fact that our campervan had x6 electric points and by adding a inverter, this made it possible for us convert our power to correct wattage and utilize all of the sockets points. If you're going on a mini break or short getaway in your campervan, then you can probably could do without it. If you are or are planning on living in the van full-time, its great idea to invest in solar panels to be able to drive off-grid, have electricity supply and be totally self-sufficient.

ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B01N5KPR56 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

6 ) Reusable Bees wax wraps - This is the perfect way to store our fruit and baguettes when we go hiking and cover over q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B00GK3R3K6&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needleftover melon or curries in our fridge. They are made out of harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin and they totally biodegrade and compostable. They are much better than using cling film or foil and your also doing your bit for the planet as you will be reducing your carbon footprint. To clean them you simply wash with cool water and soap and that its. There ready to be used again. They last over 1 year.


J12747 0 3 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need
7 ) 8 Piece Thermo Mat Set
- We were actually recommended these by a garage in the U.K to keep insulated in the cold months and keep out the heat in summer. We store these under a throw while driving and as soon we arrive at our campspot, we pop these up in less than 5 minutes. It also doubles up as a privacy screen and extra security for the van. These ones are designed to perfectly fit a VW T25, but you can choose ones to fit the exact the model of your vehicle.

ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B00QK95WFI - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B004GXBNSA&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

8 ) Storage baskets - Great way to organise and keep everything neat and tidy. We store our tinned food, spices, nuts/seeds and we use another to store all of our toileteres such as naturals oils, rosehip oil, rose water and  coconut oil. We even have a bohemian style basket which we store our fruit and vegtables in and can be easily stored out the way.



q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B01LDY4X36&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need9 ) Keep it cool with a Gimble Fan.  We have tried different fans to keep us cool in our non air-conditioned vehicle, but nothing seemed to be strong enough to keep the air circulating. Through word of mouth and reading the postivite reviews online, we new we had to invest in this 12V gimble fan. Its has a 350 Degree Swival and has 3 speed settings to suit your preference during a hot summer days. We absoulutley love it and have no regrets. 


q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B06XPZXB15&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

10 ) Solar Shower - Sometimes it can be tricky finding places to shower, so having this solar shower on hand is great. It has a built-in electric pump which gives more pressure than those regular solar showers, which entirely rely on gravity. You simply charge the device via the USB and your ready to go. Your need a foldable bucket for the pump to sit in to draw the water from. We brought this foldable bucket from amazon. Click here for details.

Tip for the ladies - It also doubles up as a pedicure bowl. All you need to do is warm up some water on the gas burner, transfer safely into the bowl and add you favorite essential oils. You can thank me later.

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B07147RC7F&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need


11 ) WIFI 4G BOX - Staying connected on the road is very important for us as we both work on diferent projects and  create content for different social media platforms. We decided to invest in the Huawei black with 4G and 3000mAh as the device is fully unlocked to all networks, so its perfect for travellers who are constantly on the move into different countries. We've used this product for 4 months now and we have had no issues with connection or startup. Would definetly recommend.


12 ) Pocket Tool Roll - Josh loves keeping his tools organised inthis pocket roll. It's great as it fits in a back drawer just aboveq? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B075V474YV&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need our engine bay and vertically take up no space. Its great for limited storage in any sort of scenerio.



q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B00QK95WFI&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need13 ) Tefal Non stick 5 piece set. We purchased these durable and non-sticking coating pans to make life easier when cooking. They also have a removable handle which fits onto each pan and pot,  making it easier to stack the items in the storage cupboard and thus saving more space.



14 ) Laundry Bags - Joshua and I  have x2 100% cotton laundry bags which we use to separate our white and dark washing. q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B004UET1ZW&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needIt makes it so much easier to transport to and from the launderette and they can be easily stored away when we are not using them.


ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B00QK95WFI - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will needq? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=GB&ASIN=B0017JVMT6&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=kerinanewell 21 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

15 ) Dr Bronners - is Castile liquid soap made from organic ingredients and is a multi-use product. It's so perfect for vanlife as it has many uses such as washing your face & body, washing dishes, brushing teeth, Laundry Soap, washing windows and mopping floors. Thats just to name a few, as the possibilities are endless. This also means you can cut down on buying single-use products and save money and space in the long run.

ir?t=kerinanewell 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B0017JVMT6 - 15 Vanlife Essentials - Top items you will need

So that is all of our personal essentials for vanlife.

Although these will vary depending on your specific needs hopefully they can give you some sort of a guideline of what items to expect to add to your campervan or wishlist.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can follow more on our journery on our instagram pages at  @kerinanewell & @joshuagaillet 

Will update you all soon in the next post.

Bye for now. Love K x

18:17 | November 10. 2018

Things to do in Obidos – Portugal

IMG 0927 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
8X2A9429 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0964 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0968 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0928 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0990 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal

Good Morning Guys. Here some photos from our time in Obidos, which is a small fortified village based just north of Lisbon. (1 hour drive away)The village is famous for its narrow cobbled streets, small picturesque houses and the medieval castle. Its classed as the 45th most romantic place in the world so its perfect couple getaway. You can mainly find many small cafes, restaurants, bakeries, gourmet chocolate shops and many hotels hidden amongst the village. The area is surrounded by medieval walls and a castle from the 15 century.  You can even walk the guard walls as we did,  but there is a sheer drop so if you are scared of heights I would recommend avoiding it.Whilst exploring the cobbled streets, we found many stalls selling the famous Ginja, which is sweet cherry alcohol shot taken within a milk/white chocolate cup. You can even purchase this in various sizes to bring home with you or as a present to a loved one. It was delicious and definitely A must try.

Joshua and I wandered around for 3-4 hours admiring the beauty of the place. We brought some gourmet chocolate and tried a variety of different flavours. They even had one named after me which was a white chocolate ganache with strawberry and nuts.We planned on eating at a tapas we had our hearts set on, but unfortunately, we decided against it was we didnt have the warmest welcome by one of the hosts. In the end, we went back and cooked a lovely dish and watched a series on Netflix all cosied up in the VW. Thats the beauty of having the freedom in the van.

Tip:- There is parking just before the entrance of Obidos which is chargeable however if you take the slip road just before the beer and chocolate pub and Bank. There is free parking which many of the staff and some visitors use. It is actually even closer to the entrance so definitely check it out if you are driving there.

Talk Soon. Love K xx




16:33 | November 9. 2018

Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel – Van Life

8X2A1575 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1582 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1538 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1605 2 - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1497 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life

It has now been exactly three months since we left the U.K and we have travelled over 5000KM through the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. The journey so far has had some minor downs due to adjusting to vanlife, but we got over this pretty quickly as we had both backpacked previously before and learned how to embrace similar issues.  It was more being aware of our food/water consumption and making sure we are not overconsuming on our gas, to be able to cook and run our fridge. There have been few times when we run out of gas, but we adapted and made a campfire instead.On top of this, we need to keep a good eye on the VW as these tend to need more love and care than "normal campervans". For example, checking the temperature gauge so the car doesnt overheat and manually turning on the ventilation is a list of things.  We dont have aircon either, so journey in the sweltering heat can be funny and exhausting at the same time. But where is the fun, if everything is too easy?What we have learned is, keeping an eye on our water consumption in the van. We have a 52 Litre water tank and your be surprised how quickly we can go through it. It has really opened our eyes to the amount we were previously wasting in our old home. We all need to be more water-conscious and can all make a small adjustments which do not have a massive impact to our day to day lives. We consume 50% less, which is a massive improvement.

For now, we are taking it slow and will be staying in Portugal for maybe 3 to 4 months as we having fallen in love with the beauty of the place. We are looking to get involved with the work away scheme and volunteer with some local businesses, surf camps and eco-projects, whilist learning new skills and meeting new people. For us, we don't follow time and some days roll into weeks. The most important aspect is how we feel in a place and whether we enjoy the vibe. All I know is that we are both happy and couldn't imagine our lives in any other way

Talk Soon. K xx

Shout out -  We met a beautiful couple called Lou and Lee from the U.K. We had a great connection with them both. Lou cooked a lovely Vegan Ristto around our camp whilst we watched the stars over good conversation and wine. They gave us some great life lessons and travel tips around Portugal.  It's a shame we were going in different directions as we really vibed with them. <3


10:00 | October 30. 2018

Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

IMG 0772 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0766 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0754 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0743 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0746 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

Good Morning All. This was our final day here in the Mountains of Serra Da Estrella. We continued further through and started to make our way down the winding and twisting roads.  We took a break and wandered over a new mountain we discovered. Joshua and I came across these beautiful clear quartz that were embedded into the mountains. I was lucky enough to find this big piece, which was lying between the rocks and I have taken this back with us to the van, as a memory of this wonderful place.I could have never imagined the beauty of Portugal until we saw it for our own eyes. We have heard from many people we have met along the way that Portugal is their favourite destination for van life and we can understand why. There is such beauty in the untouched landscape. Its given us both a kick of excitement and we can't wait to see what we discover around the next corner.

For now, we are looking for a place to sleep using the park for night app and will head further east towards Lisbon

Will catch up soon 

Love K XX