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18:17 | November 10. 2018

Things to do in Obidos – Portugal

IMG 0927 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
8X2A9429 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0964 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0968 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0928 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal
IMG 0990 Web - Things to do in Obidos - Portugal

Good Morning Guys. Here some photos from our time in Obidos, which is a small fortified village based just north of Lisbon. (1 hour drive away)The village is famous for its narrow cobbled streets, small picturesque houses and the medieval castle. Its classed as the 45th most romantic place in the world so its perfect couple getaway. You can mainly find many small cafes, restaurants, bakeries, gourmet chocolate shops and many hotels hidden amongst the village. The area is surrounded by medieval walls and a castle from the 15 century.  You can even walk the guard walls as we did,  but there is a sheer drop so if you are scared of heights I would recommend avoiding it.Whilst exploring the cobbled streets, we found many stalls selling the famous Ginja, which is sweet cherry alcohol shot taken within a milk/white chocolate cup. You can even purchase this in various sizes to bring home with you or as a present to a loved one. It was delicious and definitely A must try.

Joshua and I wandered around for 3-4 hours admiring the beauty of the place. We brought some gourmet chocolate and tried a variety of different flavours. They even had one named after me which was a white chocolate ganache with strawberry and nuts.We planned on eating at a tapas we had our hearts set on, but unfortunately, we decided against it was we didnt have the warmest welcome by one of the hosts. In the end, we went back and cooked a lovely dish and watched a series on Netflix all cosied up in the VW. Thats the beauty of having the freedom in the van.

Tip:- There is parking just before the entrance of Obidos which is chargeable however if you take the slip road just before the beer and chocolate pub and Bank. There is free parking which many of the staff and some visitors use. It is actually even closer to the entrance so definitely check it out if you are driving there.

Talk Soon. Love K xx




16:33 | November 9. 2018

Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel – Van Life

8X2A1575 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1582 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1538 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1605 2 - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life
8X2A1497 Web - Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel -  Van Life

It has now been exactly three months since we left the U.K and we have travelled over 5000KM through the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. The journey so far has had some minor downs due to adjusting to vanlife, but we got over this pretty quickly as we had both backpacked previously before and learned how to embrace similar issues.  It was more being aware of our food/water consumption and making sure we are not overconsuming on our gas, to be able to cook and run our fridge. There have been few times when we run out of gas, but we adapted and made a campfire instead.On top of this, we need to keep a good eye on the VW as these tend to need more love and care than "normal campervans". For example, checking the temperature gauge so the car doesnt overheat and manually turning on the ventilation is a list of things.  We dont have aircon either, so journey in the sweltering heat can be funny and exhausting at the same time. But where is the fun, if everything is too easy?What we have learned is, keeping an eye on our water consumption in the van. We have a 52 Litre water tank and your be surprised how quickly we can go through it. It has really opened our eyes to the amount we were previously wasting in our old home. We all need to be more water-conscious and can all make a small adjustments which do not have a massive impact to our day to day lives. We consume 50% less, which is a massive improvement.

For now, we are taking it slow and will be staying in Portugal for maybe 3 to 4 months as we having fallen in love with the beauty of the place. We are looking to get involved with the work away scheme and volunteer with some local businesses, surf camps and eco-projects, whilist learning new skills and meeting new people. For us, we don't follow time and some days roll into weeks. The most important aspect is how we feel in a place and whether we enjoy the vibe. All I know is that we are both happy and couldn't imagine our lives in any other way

Talk Soon. K xx

Shout out -  We met a beautiful couple called Lou and Lee from the U.K. We had a great connection with them both. Lou cooked a lovely Vegan Ristto around our camp whilst we watched the stars over good conversation and wine. They gave us some great life lessons and travel tips around Portugal.  It's a shame we were going in different directions as we really vibed with them. <3


10:00 | October 30. 2018

Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

IMG 0772 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0766 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0754 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0743 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0746 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

Good Morning All. This was our final day here in the Mountains of Serra Da Estrella. We continued further through and started to make our way down the winding and twisting roads.  We took a break and wandered over a new mountain we discovered. Joshua and I came across these beautiful clear quartz that were embedded into the mountains. I was lucky enough to find this big piece, which was lying between the rocks and I have taken this back with us to the van, as a memory of this wonderful place.I could have never imagined the beauty of Portugal until we saw it for our own eyes. We have heard from many people we have met along the way that Portugal is their favourite destination for van life and we can understand why. There is such beauty in the untouched landscape. Its given us both a kick of excitement and we can't wait to see what we discover around the next corner.

For now, we are looking for a place to sleep using the park for night app and will head further east towards Lisbon

Will catch up soon 

Love K XX



15:25 | October 29. 2018

Serra Da Estrela – Day 2

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IMG 0776 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2
8X2A8559 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2
8X2A8580 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2
IMG 0777 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2

Good Afternoon All. Josh and I enjoyed our evening catching up on some on a film, as the temperature dropped to -2 Degrees during the night. We were the only ones left time the workers had closed up at the cheese and meat market and we questioned whether or not we had made the right decision, as the campervan started to sway by the wind. We had nothing to worry as the wind came to a standstill and we kept warm by wearing our thermals and huddling up together.Once the morning hit at  Serra Da Estrella, we took a stroll around beautiful landscape during sunrise. Later on, we jumped back in the campervan and travelled through mountain drops and followed the steep and narrow roads until we came across the monument of the Lady good Star. This was a beautiful sculpture carved back in 1946 and was dedicated the patron saint of the shepherds. It was incredible to see. Nearby was a natural stream of water which flowed past the monument and through the mountains. Josh collected 8 Litres of Freshwater from the stream and filled up our campervan. Portugal is full of many natural streams, so we were enjoying making the most of it whilst we are here.

We will spend one final day here and will continue further east tomorrow. 

Talk Soon K xx 


7:50 | October 28. 2018

Mountains of Serra Da Estrela

8X2A8377 Web - Mountains of Serra Da Estrela
IMG 0734 Web - Mountains of Serra Da Estrela
IMG 0707 Web - Mountains of Serra Da Estrela
Good Morning Guys. How are you all? We finally made it into Portugal after driving 7 hours one way. Although we did get stopped by the Spanish police as we crossed the border. There were 12 heavily armed police, who didn’t look as though you wanted to get on the wrong side of them. I think our hippy van and dream catcher gave them a suspicion which we understood and were immediately pulled over. As we looked around we could see over civilians being pulled over and having their cars and camper vans turned upside down. We were dreading this happening because we were purely exhausted and it would of meant reorganising everything when we arrived at our new spot to sleep. Anyone who travels via camper will understand how things can easily get unorganised and its the last thing you want to do after driving that long.
Luckily after 15mniutes of chatting and conversing using basic Spanish, we were told to go on our way and to enjoy our holiday. They were actually very friendly and gave us some tips to stay safe. Joshua and I drove for another 1.5 hours and finally made our stop at this small village near Unhais Da Serra.
In the morning we stocked up on food there and made our way to Serra Da Estrella, which is the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal. It has a peak of 2000KM above sea level and has 3 rivers that run through it. It also turns into a ski resort during the winter months with many points to stop and view along the way.  Joshua and I underestimated the incline in the camper van and were mainly in 1st and 2nd gear the whole way up. Babou( our campervan) pushed on through. The views were breathtaking and we took stops along the way to truly appreciate the views.
The first day we climbed a small peak and ate lunch up there and discovered and old abandon ski lift. The views were magical and Joshua took a risky picture of me on the old chairlift exist. ( Photograph with the x2 flying birds.) It was so peaceful up there.
We continued on up and took a stop at the highest peak to camp for the night. It was ever so cold due to how high we were, but watching the sunset above the clouds was so worth it. We were the only ones there.
We will never forget this.
More pictures to come tomorrow.
Talk Soon K XX
10:45 | October 20. 2018

Heading to Portugal – Van life

IMG 0235 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life
IMG 0634 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life
IMG 0630 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life

Good Morning All. We have crossed the border of France and are driving through Spain as we speak. We will be passing through pretty quickly as we want to drive to Portugal for the winter months so the weather is more bearable in the van and we can still enjoy a little bit of sun. Its pretty common for van lifers migrate further south, so we feel this is the best option for us. For now, Josh and I are taking it in turns to drive through Spain, driving 2-3 hours stints each. We have mainly been using the Autovia and Autopitas to drive through. They are equivalent to our motorways in the UK. The only difference is the Autovia is a Toll Road and is slightly quicker but the downside is that you miss the beautiful scenery and the local towns along the route.

We are stopping at free campsites along our route and catching up on editing and rest in the evenings.

Talk Soon K.xx

12:47 | October 18. 2018

Urrugne Mountains – France

IMG 0517 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0525 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0473 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0504 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0528 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
Hi Guys. Before arriving at our new spot  we made sure to stock up on food, water and gas from the local Supermarché. By the time we had purchased everything and packed up the car, we arrived late in the evening at Urrugne. We climbed such a steep hill to get here. I honestly didn't think our campervan was going to make it up the steep incline, as it was struggling at times with the weight. But we made it:-). I'm so glad Josh found this place as it was absolutely incredible, we had views for miles. The next morning we went for a hike for just over 3 hours. We kept stopping on the way, as we saw so many wild horses eating amongst the vegetation and took some photographs and videography for our new project. We followed the hike and we did get some nicks from the thorns along the way, but it was all totally worth it. On our way back we came across some bulls amongst the grass. We realised we needed to get out of there pretty quickly, as one was marking its territory. We ran as fast as we could and was lost in its sights which was pretty funny.

The following day we went and fed some horses nearby and enjoyed the peace and quiet up on the hill. We did some cardio and that evening made a campfire to cook dinner. We loved it here so much, that we stayed for 3 days.

Tip:- Make sure to arrive before darkness. A lot of the roads are only one way and can be tricky to reverse/go past on going traffic.

Talk Soon

K. x

16:40 | October 17. 2018

La Bastide-Clarience – France

IMG 0464 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0466 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0462 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0447 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0457 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0463 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0452 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0458 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France

Good Afternoon all. Its been a while since I've updated you all. I have been busy catching up on editing and working on a new and exciting project. Please bear with me. After we left Dune Du Pilat, we took a stop at La Bastide Clarience which is a small village based in the Southwest of France. The beautiful 14 Century village has beautiful white houses, complimenting the red timber which is featured on the outside of buildings. The village is known for its arts and craftsmanship and there are even workshops you can get involved in. Joshua and I walked around the village and wandered around the unique Baserri and  Navarrese style houses. We took a stop at the macaroon shop and had a look inside this perfume shop, which had gorgeous smells which lead onto the pathways. The owner had travelled far and wide and brought his own speciality of rich aromas from around the world, to make his unique blends. We always love meeting past and present travellers. La Bastide Clarience is really great place, but I wouldn't recommend staying here longer than a day, as it is a small village.

We are heading to Urrugne as Joshua has found a location on the Campercontact app which he is dying to check out.

Will catch up tomorrow. K x