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Kerina Newell is a Content Creator who quit the 9-5 routine to pursue a life on the road filled with adventure, culture, and new experiences. Her boyfriend is her travel partner and filmmaker who helps capture the best moments of their adventures.

ETHNICITY/AGE/ FAMILY: Kerina is 27 years old from the region of Wiltshire in the UK. Her father is from Jamaica and her mother from England. She grew up in the Wiltshire but also lived in Australia. She has one older sister.

BODY:  Height: 1.70 – Skintone: Olive brown – Eyes: Dark brown

RELATIONSHIP: Her French-born boyfriend Joshua Gaillet, is also her photographer. He was born in the region of Brittany in France and then moved to Paris at the age of 16. They met in the summer of 2014 in Austrailia when Kerina was backing packing. The two of them traveled across the East Coast of Australia and then onto Indonesia and the surronding islands.

PASSIONS: Her passions are travel, fitness, healthy living, photography, the beach, dancing, van life, and yoga.

NEXT STOP:  France, Italy, and Spain.