15:01 | September 25. 2018

Bohemian Tipi Tent – Vaux EnCouhé – Day 2

8X2A6226 2 - Bohemian Tipi Tent - Vaux EnCouhé - Day 2
8X2A6368 Web - Bohemian Tipi Tent - Vaux EnCouhé - Day 2
8X2A6532 Web - Bohemian Tipi Tent - Vaux EnCouhé - Day 2
8X2A6510 - Bohemian Tipi Tent - Vaux EnCouhé - Day 2
Good Afternoon Guys. Hope you are all well. Jacqueline and Valerie already had plans due to work and business reasons, so Joshua and I had the property to ourselves. (We definitely weren't complaining). They have a beautiful Tipi Tent which they use for drumming groups, spiritual meetings, and group talks. We decided to make use of the area and we ate a small lunch with some white wine. We thoroughly enjoyed the calm atmosphere and views of the secret garden. It was honestly so magical. They bought the property over 20 years ago and at the time it was bearly liveable. Together with years of hard work, they made the land into a home by adding trees, plants, organic fruits, and vegetables along came all the wonderful wildlife. There is even a working well!

Growing up in a busy town with houses stacked upon each other, supermarkets on every corner and parks which felt more like industrial structures, for children to play on. It really makes you appreciate these simple experiences within nature, that you would never come across in your normal day to day life.

Catch up with you all tomorrow

Love K xx

4 responses to “Bohemian Tipi Tent – Vaux EnCouhé – Day 2”

  1. Hey!!!! Kerina!!
    Donna ere (from school), OMG I did not know you ran a blog too!
    I absolutely love your post and content!!!

    I can’t wait to see more! and I will defo subscribe to your page 🙂

    Love Donna

  2. Kerina Newell says:

    Hey Donna,

    Thankyou so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it 🙂
    Maybe we could colaborate together in the future?

    Love K, xxx

  3. Donna maria i pereira says:

    Hello Karina,

    Omg any time❤️ I ready do admire good work and yours is outstanding!
    I love keeping up with your caravan journey! I always wanted to do that but never really got a chance too, one day I will do ☺️,

    Omg!!! That would be amazing!!! I will defiantly love too!!

    I hope your keeping well,

    And I can’t wait to see your upcoming post ❤️

    Love Donna xxx

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