12:24 | March 6. 2019

Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain

8X2A5262 Web 1 - Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain
8X2A5604 Web - Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain

Good Morning all, I thought I'd give you a quick update as its been a while since I've posted here.

These photos were taken at Conil de la Frontera in Spain, as Josh and I made our way along the coast towards the Ferry Port. We are slowly making our way to Morroco which is very very exciting. We needed some downtime on the beach as we had been busy preparing our route and all the sites we want to see along the way. Applying for tickets, new insurances and preparing our required documents for the van. Stocking up on supplies, planning extended visas for our 3month overstay and sending a box back to France, so we have a little more room play within the van. The list has been endless but we know this is going to be a trip of a lifetime in a country we've wanted to visit for so long.

Morocco is a country rich in history, tradition and culture, authentic food, Architecture and of course the welcoming hospitality of the locals.

Look forward to updating the blog with our new adventures.

Love, K xx



3 responses to “Beach Days | Conil De La Frontera Spain”

  1. Isn’t exploring fun. Great sunset.

  2. Molleigh says:

    Have the best time in Morocco! We spent last summer in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and then Portugal with our trusty little camper- we only wished we had more time to travel further down into Morocco. I have heard heaps of good things. Happy adventures.

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