13:10 | October 9. 2018

Dune Du Pilat – Bordeaux France

8X2A7461 Web - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France
8X2A7494 Web - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France
8X2A7467 Web - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France
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IMG 0414 Web - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France
IMG 0423 Web 1 - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France
IMG 0431 Web 1 - Dune Du Pilat - Bordeaux France

Good Morning Guys. Apologises for not posting yesterday. Joshua and I went for a beautiful hike in our new spot and we got lost up in the mountains. When we came back and we had run out of solar panel charge, which meant were were unable to charge our laptops. As promised, here are some photos of our time at Dune du Pilat. The Dune is the largest in Europe and spans across 500 Meters wide, 110 Meters above sea Level and runs adjacent along the shoreline. We arrived here late in the afternoon  after our drive from Bordeaux, which was around a 1hour drive. We stopped near some beautiful properties and a fishing village nearby but decided to head straight to the Dune, as the Sunset was closing in. In typical Josh and Kerina style, we didn’t take the tourist route which was a staircase built especially for people to walk up. We actually hiked up the steep sand dune from the east side and made our way up the steep hill. It was quite difficult as our feet were being sucked into the sand, whilst trying to keep moving at a steady pace up the incline. We were laughing the whole way up as we could see everyone using the staircase which looked a lot easier. We loved the fact we had the east side of the dune to ourselves. I’m so glad we achieved the climb in time for sunset as “La vue est manifique” (which means the view is beautiful ).

If your looking to head to this Dune I would recommend come here during the week to avoid the mass of tourists and be able to enjoy the surrondings with fewer people. Click Here for more information of the Dune and surronding town.

We found a spot away from the tourists and enjoyed the sunset show. As always it was magical ☺️✨

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