11:59 | September 17. 2018

Exploring Aÿ-Champagne – Van life

IMG 0180 Web - Exploring Aÿ-Champagne - Van life
IMG 0149 Web - Exploring Aÿ-Champagne - Van life
IMG 0182 Web - Exploring Aÿ-Champagne - Van life
IMG 0175 Web - Exploring Aÿ-Champagne - Van life

Good Afternoon Guys. Here are some photos of our trip in Aÿ- Champagne. We headed here shortly after visiting Joshua's, fathers side of the family. Aÿ is a small town situated in Marne, which is in the East side of France. The town is famous for its production of Champagne and has vast amounts of land set upon hillsides with beautiful vineyards. There are many Prestigious champagne houses where you can have a guided tour with an expert and learn the history and culture behind it.  Most guided tours around the area, run from 12 - 20 Euro all depending on your package and preference. Joshua and I were very very lucky and actually met a lovely local tour guide named Chris, near where we were parked in Épernay (5minute Drive from Aÿ Champagne). He was a young guy around our age and we got talking about our backgrounds and interests. Chris gave us a free tour of the vineyard, secret garden and gave us a small selection of wines to taste. Our favourite was the Dom Pérignon, definitely worth a try.. The next day we explored the town and stopped off for some Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat, before rounding off the evening with dinner and wine in the van. 

We are slowly heading down to the South of France, as we are both missing the beach life

Talk Soon K


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