13:00 | October 7. 2018

Bohemian Chic in Bordeaux – Van Life

8X2A2144 - Bohemian Chic in Bordeaux - Van Life
8X2A2314 - Bohemian Chic in Bordeaux - Van Life
8X2A2347 - Bohemian Chic in Bordeaux - Van Life
8X2A2344 - Bohemian Chic in Bordeaux - Van Life

Good Afternoon Guys. How are you all? We arrived at Grande Dune du Pilat yesterday. (I have some beautiful pictures of the views and sunset to share with you. Will upload tomorrow.)I've decided to share some outfit shots of what I wore in the city of Bordeaux. There is this misconception that if you are living in the van, you have to be in mostly comfortable and sloppy clothes to be able to survive this lifestyle. This certainly isn't the case. I made sure to pack a mixture of outfits, which I could wear for all different occasions, whether that be going for hikes or relaxing at the beach. Who wants to be walking around the city whilst wearing trainers and sweats? 

For example, I have a small selection of shoes, one pair or hiking boots, workout trainers, one pair of Birkenstocks and some causal Supergras, which I can pair with most outfits. At first, this was very daunting to have to downsize my wardrobe and purely putting my focus on my needs rather than my wants. I am 100% more happier having sacrificed a wardrobe full of clothes/materialist items and just focussing on the bare essentials which has given me the freedom to travel the world.

I teamed a pair of simple blue nautical shorts made from linen and a white cotton button-up shirt. Super comfortable! I added a this with a pair of slip on Mules and a headscarf to brighten up the look and keep my hair out of my face, during this hot weather. In the evening I would pair this with a simple jumper when the temperatures drop.

Top - Berksha | Shorts - Zara |Natural Sandals - Zara  | Headband - Market Stall 

Talk Later. K xx

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