16:40 | October 17. 2018

La Bastide-Clarience – France

IMG 0464 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0466 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0462 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0447 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0457 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0463 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0452 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France
IMG 0458 Web - La Bastide-Clarience - France

Good Afternoon all. Its been a while since I've updated you all. I have been busy catching up on editing and working on a new and exciting project. Please bear with me. After we left Dune Du Pilat, we took a stop at La Bastide Clarience which is a small village based in the Southwest of France. The beautiful 14 Century village has beautiful white houses, complimenting the red timber which is featured on the outside of buildings. The village is known for its arts and craftsmanship and there are even workshops you can get involved in. Joshua and I walked around the village and wandered around the unique Baserri and  Navarrese style houses. We took a stop at the macaroon shop and had a look inside this perfume shop, which had gorgeous smells which lead onto the pathways. The owner had travelled far and wide and brought his own speciality of rich aromas from around the world, to make his unique blends. We always love meeting past and present travellers. La Bastide Clarience is really great place, but I wouldn't recommend staying here longer than a day, as it is a small village.

We are heading to Urrugne as Joshua has found a location on the Campercontact app which he is dying to check out.

Will catch up tomorrow. K x



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  1. Margaret Baker says:

    Hi Kerina

    Really loving reading your blogs and following you and Josh on your travels.
    The photos are amazing. Mx

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