11:24 | October 5. 2018

Montalivet Beach – Van Life

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Good afternoon All. We ended up staying at Montalivet which is just a 30minute drive from Lake Hourtin ( See my previous blog post 🙂 )It was a great as you could just park on the roadside and we camped here during the night with no issues at all. It was very very quiet.The beach was pretty deserted, so it felt as though we had our own private beach and during our stay, we just saw one guy doing meditation and another group of students, doing some surfing. I would recommend stoking up and food and drinks before coming, so you can really enjoy it.Before our trip across Europe, we bought a Grey Roof bag for our campervan and have stored some bohemian rugs and pillows for us to chill on, which is exactly what we did on this day. It was so peaceful and nice to be able to listen to the sound of the ocean, whilst I read my  book. Its called Lust for life, by Sylvester McNutt. Definitely worth a read.

We are heading further inland as Josh and I have ordered a new addition to the camper. We also have some paperwork we need to organize, regarding our insurance.

Will update you all soon

Love, K xx

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