19:00 | February 3. 2019

Porto Covo – Alentejo, Portugal

8X2A1311 Web - Porto Covo - Alentejo, Portugal
8X2A1385 Web - Porto Covo - Alentejo, Portugal

Hey Loves. I've missed updating my blog and you guys of my travel journey. A lot has been happening and if I'm being honest, we have been planning our next travel destinations, focussing on fitness and health and worrying about the possible Brexit implications to our van life journey.

As you all know it can be difficult for me to update my blog daily as I am solely relying on the solar panels on our van for electricity. Which makes editing photography and updating posts much more difficult. Especially in the cooler months when there is less sun to top up the charge. So... I  just want to say big thanks to those of you who follow me and have messaged me to say they are patiently waiting for my next posts. Thank you for understanding 🙂

So...Here are some photos of our time in Porto Covo in Portugal. It's a small pretty village with a wide stretch of golden sand backed by high cliffs.
There are many beaches where you can explore in this area as well as surfing or simply relax with the views of the Atlantic coast. Josh and I explored the area by bike and witnessed the different rock formations and hidden beaches in this area. The weather was pretty cool but on the plus side, it meant we could explore the area by ourselves without a crowd of tourists. Such a great experience even if it was a bit chilly.

We need to appreciate these moments whilst we can take in all aspects of the beauty. I would suggest heading here either side of the holiday season, to truly enjoy this paradise

See you in the next post.

Love K xx

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