13:42 | December 22. 2018

Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach – Portugal

DJI 0031 Web 2 - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal
DJI 0034 Web - Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach - Portugal

Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas period. Most of you will have either had broken up for Christmas or have a few days to go before the holiday season begins for you. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Portugal at all. The weather has been 20 degrees and we have been enjoying the sunshine. Josh decided to fly the Drone on Praia Da Aberta Nova beach and we had a lot of fun taking drone photography over this beautiful place. This beach was so surreal and the waves were huge. We could feel the vibration of the waves through our campervan during the night when the waves were crashing on the ground surface. It was something we had never experienced before.
We met another group of vanlifers who were also parking in the same spot from different parts of the world. As a group, we enjoyed some great moments enjoying Vegan Cake whilst watching some of the guy's surf in the daytime. In the evening, we enjoyed food together and shared stories amongst each other around the fire. It's always great meeting up with like-minded travellers were we can share our experiences collectively.

Today we will be travelling through to Barão de São João which holds a Hippie/Flea Market every 4th Sunday of each month. We are both excited to see what is on sale from all the different Food & Craft stands.

Look forward to sharing our experience in a future Blog Post.

Speak Soon Love K xx

3 responses to “Praia Da Aberta Nova Beach – Portugal”

  1. Molleigh says:

    Amazing photos! I just want to jump into that water!

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