10:30 | December 20. 2018

Cycling Praia Do Portinho Da Arrábida

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After riding through the beautiful hilltops we took a stop on Creiro Beach. We secured our bikes and explored the beautiful island 

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Good Mornings Loves ... How are you All? During this day we cycled through Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. The views and scenery were amazing and cycling through the dark deep green hills were just magical. As it was December there was virtually no tourists so it felt as though you had your own private beach at times. The weather was great but just a little too cold to get in a bikini, but whos complaining when you can still enjoy in shorts and a t-shirt.

Portinho beach has been named one of the prettiest beaches in Portugal and is known as a place where you can just relax and unwind. The white sand compliments the blue clear water and contrasts nicely with the creamy rocks. Perfect place to get those lovely holidays snaps and watch the sunset go down. This is also a great place for diving and dolphin watching as well as exploring by bike or simply walking. There are a few restaurants where you can have the local catch of the day or you can choose to have a simple lunch at one of the snack bars  depending on your preference. This has been one of my favourite places so far and we have already decided that we will come back here next year so we can go dolphin watching. 

I would definitely recommend this place, as its small hidden paradise.

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