16:33 | November 9. 2018

Reflecting on 3 Months of Travel – Van Life

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It has now been exactly three months since we left the U.K and we have travelled over 5000KM through the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. The journey so far has had some minor downs due to adjusting to vanlife, but we got over this pretty quickly as we had both backpacked previously before and learned how to embrace similar issues.  It was more being aware of our food/water consumption and making sure we are not overconsuming on our gas, to be able to cook and run our fridge. There have been few times when we run out of gas, but we adapted and made a campfire instead.On top of this, we need to keep a good eye on the VW as these tend to need more love and care than "normal campervans". For example, checking the temperature gauge so the car doesnt overheat and manually turning on the ventilation is a list of things.  We dont have aircon either, so journey in the sweltering heat can be funny and exhausting at the same time. But where is the fun, if everything is too easy?What we have learned is, keeping an eye on our water consumption in the van. We have a 52 Litre water tank and your be surprised how quickly we can go through it. It has really opened our eyes to the amount we were previously wasting in our old home. We all need to be more water-conscious and can all make a small adjustments which do not have a massive impact to our day to day lives. We consume 50% less, which is a massive improvement.

For now, we are taking it slow and will be staying in Portugal for maybe 3 to 4 months as we having fallen in love with the beauty of the place. We are looking to get involved with the work away scheme and volunteer with some local businesses, surf camps and eco-projects, whilist learning new skills and meeting new people. For us, we don't follow time and some days roll into weeks. The most important aspect is how we feel in a place and whether we enjoy the vibe. All I know is that we are both happy and couldn't imagine our lives in any other way

Talk Soon. K xx

Shout out -  We met a beautiful couple called Lou and Lee from the U.K. We had a great connection with them both. Lou cooked a lovely Vegan Ristto around our camp whilst we watched the stars over good conversation and wine. They gave us some great life lessons and travel tips around Portugal.  It's a shame we were going in different directions as we really vibed with them. <3


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