10:00 | October 30. 2018

Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

IMG 0772 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0766 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0754 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0743 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3
IMG 0746 Web - Serra Da Estrela – Day 3

Good Morning All. This was our final day here in the Mountains of Serra Da Estrella. We continued further through and started to make our way down the winding and twisting roads.  We took a break and wandered over a new mountain we discovered. Joshua and I came across these beautiful clear quartz that were embedded into the mountains. I was lucky enough to find this big piece, which was lying between the rocks and I have taken this back with us to the van, as a memory of this wonderful place.I could have never imagined the beauty of Portugal until we saw it for our own eyes. We have heard from many people we have met along the way that Portugal is their favourite destination for van life and we can understand why. There is such beauty in the untouched landscape. Its given us both a kick of excitement and we can't wait to see what we discover around the next corner.

For now, we are looking for a place to sleep using the park for night app and will head further east towards Lisbon

Will catch up soon 

Love K XX



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