7:50 | October 28. 2018

Mountains of Serra Da Estrela

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IMG 0734 Web - Mountains of Serra Da Estrela
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IMG 0707 Web - Mountains of Serra Da Estrela
Good Morning Guys. How are you all? We finally made it into Portugal after driving 7 hours one way. Although we did get stopped by the Spanish police as we crossed the border. There were 12 heavily armed police, who didn’t look as though you wanted to get on the wrong side of them. I think our hippy van and dream catcher gave them a suspicion which we understood and were immediately pulled over. As we looked around we could see over civilians being pulled over and having their cars and camper vans turned upside down. We were dreading this happening because we were purely exhausted and it would of meant reorganising everything when we arrived at our new spot to sleep. Anyone who travels via camper will understand how things can easily get unorganised and its the last thing you want to do after driving that long.
Luckily after 15mniutes of chatting and conversing using basic Spanish, we were told to go on our way and to enjoy our holiday. They were actually very friendly and gave us some tips to stay safe. Joshua and I drove for another 1.5 hours and finally made our stop at this small village near Unhais Da Serra.
In the morning we stocked up on food there and made our way to Serra Da Estrella, which is the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal. It has a peak of 2000KM above sea level and has 3 rivers that run through it. It also turns into a ski resort during the winter months with many points to stop and view along the way.  Joshua and I underestimated the incline in the camper van and were mainly in 1st and 2nd gear the whole way up. Babou( our campervan) pushed on through. The views were breathtaking and we took stops along the way to truly appreciate the views.
The first day we climbed a small peak and ate lunch up there and discovered and old abandon ski lift. The views were magical and Joshua took a risky picture of me on the old chairlift exist. ( Photograph with the x2 flying birds.) It was so peaceful up there.
We continued on up and took a stop at the highest peak to camp for the night. It was ever so cold due to how high we were, but watching the sunset above the clouds was so worth it. We were the only ones there.
We will never forget this.
More pictures to come tomorrow.
Talk Soon K XX

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