15:25 | October 29. 2018

Serra Da Estrela – Day 2

Pole removed  Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2
IMG 0776 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2
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IMG 0777 Web - Serra Da Estrela - Day 2

Good Afternoon All. Josh and I enjoyed our evening catching up on some on a film, as the temperature dropped to -2 Degrees during the night. We were the only ones left time the workers had closed up at the cheese and meat market and we questioned whether or not we had made the right decision, as the campervan started to sway by the wind. We had nothing to worry as the wind came to a standstill and we kept warm by wearing our thermals and huddling up together.Once the morning hit at  Serra Da Estrella, we took a stroll around beautiful landscape during sunrise. Later on, we jumped back in the campervan and travelled through mountain drops and followed the steep and narrow roads until we came across the monument of the Lady good Star. This was a beautiful sculpture carved back in 1946 and was dedicated the patron saint of the shepherds. It was incredible to see. Nearby was a natural stream of water which flowed past the monument and through the mountains. Josh collected 8 Litres of Freshwater from the stream and filled up our campervan. Portugal is full of many natural streams, so we were enjoying making the most of it whilst we are here.

We will spend one final day here and will continue further east tomorrow. 

Talk Soon K xx 


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