13:00 | June 19. 2020

Sunrise over the Sahara Desert

8X2A2399 Web - Sunrise over the Sahara Desert
8X2A2512 Web - Sunrise over the Sahara Desert

Sunrise over the Sahara Desert was truly magical. We woke up early from our beeswax tent and made our way to the hilltops during the early morning rise. The burnt orange and majestic colours lit up the sky and produced a beautiful hue of orange tones across the landscape.

Josh and I truly wanted to enjoy the moment to ourselves, which is why we only took a small number of photos during this experience, so we could take in the beauty of the Desert.

As this experience is one in a lifetime, I thought I would share my  Top 5 tips before heading into the desert. 

 How to get there 

From Marrakech, many companies offer overnight tours or multi-day tours which include a camel ride through the desert's dunes or the option to go via 4x4. If you are heading in via your private rental vehicle, then you will need to head south-east towards Erg Chebbi, Merzouga.

What to Bring

Scarf, camera, phone, soft & comfortable clothing, plus warm clothing for the evenings. The weather can change quite drastically so it's always good to be prepared and have extra layers on hands, should you need them.


As the desert tours are normally 1-2 nights, I would suggest bringing a small toiletries bag with your essential items. Travel size toiletries work the best meaning you can slot these into your small backpack.


It is very important to keep yourself hydrated whilst in the desert, as temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees. You want to fully enjoy your trip without worrying about your energy levels dropping or dizziness all because you want prepared.

 Protection for technology 

If you are deciding to bring either a Camera, Phone or even a DSLR, I would suggest bringing an extra layer of protection due to the sand particles flying through the air. You can bring a cloth bag or as a desperate measure using a plastic bag. Please ensure you dispose and recycle correctly to not pollute the environment.


I hope you've enjoyed these tips and I will see you all in the next post.

Love K, x

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