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The end of the World | Sagres, Portugal

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Morning All. How have you all been? Joshua and I are currently in Lagos whilst I am writing this and we are currently planning our future travels for 2019. We are torn between two places but I won't give away to much just yet, as I want to take you along the journey through my photography.

After new years, we started our journey in the southwest corner of Portugal in Sagres. This is a wonderful place to visit with stunning views of the ocean and a chance to explore the area by the coastal walk. We rode our bicycles along and stopped at a lovely beach bar for lunch. This area isn't overly busy so if you like calm and peace this is the perfect place for you to unwind. This place was originally known as the end of the world because the Europeans thought it existed before the 15th Century. For thousands of years, it was believed that this was the end of the world and just beyond the horizon the earth dropped off into a black hole.

For our camp spot, Joshua and I found a place through the App park 4-night app however, this place was overly crowded and was full of campervans, RVs and trailers. This wasn't exactly how we imagined spending our time here, so we decided to do a bit more exploring to find the perfect spot. After cycling through the day we found a place just 5-minute drive from where we were parked. The views were incredible and we had this amazing view of the ocean. We got to watch a handful of fisherman hanging off the cliff face trying to catch some fish and in the ocean was some surfers trying to catch the next wave.

Joshua made a small fire and cooked sweet potatoes to go along with our mango and avocado salad. I made and a homemade vegan sauce using some cashews, oat milk and herbs to go alongside. We ended up staying here for x2 nights as it was just so magical.

We both feel so lucky to be able to experience these moments like this together

Location: - Sagres, The End of the world

Note: -I won't give the exact location to avoid ruining the beauty of this place and becoming overcrowded. If you really want to find this spot, you can do some research and you will find some clue through my photos.

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