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Things to do in Obidos – Portugal

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Good Morning Guys. Here some photos from our time in Obidos, which is a small fortified village based just north of Lisbon. (1 hour drive away)The village is famous for its narrow cobbled streets, small picturesque houses and the medieval castle. Its classed as the 45th most romantic place in the world so its perfect couple getaway. You can mainly find many small cafes, restaurants, bakeries, gourmet chocolate shops and many hotels hidden amongst the village. The area is surrounded by medieval walls and a castle from the 15 century.  You can even walk the guard walls as we did,  but there is a sheer drop so if you are scared of heights I would recommend avoiding it.Whilst exploring the cobbled streets, we found many stalls selling the famous Ginja, which is sweet cherry alcohol shot taken within a milk/white chocolate cup. You can even purchase this in various sizes to bring home with you or as a present to a loved one. It was delicious and definitely A must try.

Joshua and I wandered around for 3-4 hours admiring the beauty of the place. We brought some gourmet chocolate and tried a variety of different flavours. They even had one named after me which was a white chocolate ganache with strawberry and nuts.We planned on eating at a tapas we had our hearts set on, but unfortunately, we decided against it was we didnt have the warmest welcome by one of the hosts. In the end, we went back and cooked a lovely dish and watched a series on Netflix all cosied up in the VW. Thats the beauty of having the freedom in the van.

Tip:- There is parking just before the entrance of Obidos which is chargeable however if you take the slip road just before the beer and chocolate pub and Bank. There is free parking which many of the staff and some visitors use. It is actually even closer to the entrance so definitely check it out if you are driving there.

Talk Soon. Love K xx




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  1. Oh, I do love Portugal and we have enjoyed a few trips over that way. Love the photographs!!

  2. Gemma says:

    Lovely photographs! Hoping to get there soon myself.

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