10:45 | October 20. 2018

Heading to Portugal – Van life

IMG 0235 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life
IMG 0634 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life
IMG 0630 Web - Heading to Portugal - Van life

Good Morning All. We have crossed the border of France and are driving through Spain as we speak. We will be passing through pretty quickly as we want to drive to Portugal for the winter months so the weather is more bearable in the van and we can still enjoy a little bit of sun. Its pretty common for van lifers migrate further south, so we feel this is the best option for us. For now, Josh and I are taking it in turns to drive through Spain, driving 2-3 hours stints each. We have mainly been using the Autovia and Autopitas to drive through. They are equivalent to our motorways in the UK. The only difference is the Autovia is a Toll Road and is slightly quicker but the downside is that you miss the beautiful scenery and the local towns along the route.

We are stopping at free campsites along our route and catching up on editing and rest in the evenings.

Talk Soon K.xx

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