12:47 | October 18. 2018

Urrugne Mountains – France

IMG 0517 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0525 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0473 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0504 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
IMG 0528 Web - Urrugne Mountains - France
Hi Guys. Before arriving at our new spot  we made sure to stock up on food, water and gas from the local Supermarché. By the time we had purchased everything and packed up the car, we arrived late in the evening at Urrugne. We climbed such a steep hill to get here. I honestly didn't think our campervan was going to make it up the steep incline, as it was struggling at times with the weight. But we made it:-). I'm so glad Josh found this place as it was absolutely incredible, we had views for miles. The next morning we went for a hike for just over 3 hours. We kept stopping on the way, as we saw so many wild horses eating amongst the vegetation and took some photographs and videography for our new project. We followed the hike and we did get some nicks from the thorns along the way, but it was all totally worth it. On our way back we came across some bulls amongst the grass. We realised we needed to get out of there pretty quickly, as one was marking its territory. We ran as fast as we could and was lost in its sights which was pretty funny.

The following day we went and fed some horses nearby and enjoyed the peace and quiet up on the hill. We did some cardio and that evening made a campfire to cook dinner. We loved it here so much, that we stayed for 3 days.

Tip:- Make sure to arrive before darkness. A lot of the roads are only one way and can be tricky to reverse/go past on going traffic.

Talk Soon

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