13:21 | September 20. 2018

Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy

IMG 0301 - Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy
IMG 0278 2 - Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy
IMG 0297 - Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy
8X2A5171 - Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy
8X2A5345 Web - Wandering the beautiful Streets of Rouen, in Normandy

Good Afternoon Guys. We found a spot to park the campervan very close to the city centre of Rouen, which was only a 10-minute walk away. We parked by the River Seine. It was a great spot to watch the boats and people kayaking go by, as we cooked and ate dinner in the evening.

We find some of our camping spots using the App Campercontact - Click here for more information

Josh and I decided to rent bikes from the Cy’clic Scheme for the day, which only cost us €2 Euro per person. We picked these up only a short distance from our parking spot, but there are over 22 stations to collect from around the City. The first half an hour is free which is great if you just want to use them for a short journey and go from A to B. I would definitely recommend renting one, as it gives you more flexibility around the City. Roeun is famous for the Notre-Dame Cathedral and its unique look. It's set between the stunning Medival town where there are many beautiful shops,  boutiques cafés and restaurants situated, between gothic alleyways which you can get lost in. We treated ourselves to some croissants, which even Josh had never tried. One was Pistachio and Almond Flavour and the other was Strawberry with white chocolate filling. They were sooo good.

Recently we have been staying in a beautiful dry stone hideaway in the village of Vaux De Couhe (Photos to come soon) so we have been enjoying being wifi free, whilst spending time with new friends. I feel its very important to take time away from social media from time to time, as it has become the norm in our society, to have our phones permanently attached to us. A few years ago, I to was someone who would constantly check all the different social media applications and would constantly browse my phone, which gave me no personal satisfaction other than to pass the time. Going backpacking with my best friend back in 2013, really change all that and I began to appreciate every aspect of my experience and really live in the moment. Nowaer days, I have swapped my phone for a point and shoot camera, to keep my memories of our trips and to share with you all.

I challenge you to do something different this week, whether that be to go outside for a walk in nature, catch up with a close friend/family member you haven't seen in a while or simply try a hobby you've been wanting to do. Whatever that is, do it! But make sure it's without the phone.

Let me know it the comments what you decided to do. Talk soon K x

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