12:33 | October 4. 2018

Carcans – Plage – Van Life

8X2A7238 Web - Carcans - Plage  – Van Life
Surfers Web - Carcans - Plage  – Van Life
8X2A7309 Web - Carcans - Plage  – Van Life

Good Afternoon Guys. Here are some more pictures from our second day in Motalivet. Joshua went surfing with some French guys we met. They were so kind and let Joshua borrow a board and wetsuit so he could join them. I really wanted to join in, but I recently saw two professional Orthopaedics regarding my right ankle and have been told to wait 1 more week until I return to full exercise/water activities.  I tore the ligaments in my ankle/foot skateboarding nearly 2 years ago now and I  still have issues with pain now and gain. I am keeping positive as I am normally such an active person and I am itching to get back into it!

We picked up our new accessories for the van (Will update soon) and we are now heading to Dune Du Pilat and Bassin d Arcachon as we speak. Will update tomorrow

Talk Soon. Love K x

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